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Snoop Dogg Claps Back At Island Boys Rapper

Snoop Dogg Claps Back At Island Boys Rapper

Snoop Dogg Claps Back at Island Boys Rapper. Calvin Broadus Jr. Snoop, the legendary rapper, is known for his sharp tongue and witty comebacks. Recently, Snoop aimed his sights at the Island Boys.

Snoop Dogg Responds to Island Boys Rapper’s Diss

Snoop Dogg Claps Back at Island Boys Rapper.

The feud between Snoop Dogg and the Island Boys began when one of the group’s members, Fly Soulja, posted a video.

Fly Soulja dissed Snoop on Instagram.


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Fly Soulja’s comments did not sit well with Snoop.

According to Vibe, Snoop responded with a video of his own clapping back at Fly Soulja.

Apparently, Fly Soulja doesn’t know Snoop is an ole G.

Otherwise, he would not make alleged threats against the veteran rapper.

Whatever happened to respecting your elders?

Of course, I can understand Fly Soulja feeling some sort of way.

But at some point you have to use wisdom.

You can best believe Snoop will not allow the young rapper to assault him.

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Snoop Is Not Bothered By Fly Soulja Comments

Although, Fly Soulja continued to rant about Snoop, is not bothered.

Keep in mind, Snoop is older and allegedly more mature.

So, anything Fly Soulja would say bounced off.

The feud between Snoop Dogg and the Island Boys is food for the fodder.

We all are familiar with ongoing rap battles.

While some fans enjoy the drama and excitement.

Other fans believe these conflicts are a waste of energy.

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