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Lupe Fiasco Won’t Squash Kid Cudi Beef

Lupe Fiasco Won’t Squash Kid Cudi Beef

Lupe Fiasco Won’t Squash Kid Cudi Beef. He’s been beefing with Cudi since 2015. Apparently, he’s keeping the same energy.

Lupe Fiasco Still Beefing With Kid Cudi

Lupe Fiasco Won’t Squash Kid Cudi Beef. According to HipHopDX, Lupe Fiasco says his longtime Kid Cudi beef won’t end anytime soon.

A fan chimed in via Twitter asking if he’d ever put the beef behind him, to which he quickly shut down any speculation.

Here’s his rebuttal:

“Never. Fuck him 4 life.”

Of course, followers wasted no time stirring the pot. One fan joked that everyone seems to hate Cudi. Naturally, Lupe responded but his response was surprisingly sour and sweet.

“Outside of his musical genius, fame and success,” he tweeted. “Cudi is a really sneaky punk bitch ass bitch…it’s not even that controversial or spicy of a take. His personal resume outside the spotlight is trash.”

Apparently, the bad blood started back in 2015 when Cudi stepped in and interjected during an online back-and-forth between Fiasco and Azealia Banks.

Specifically, he subtweeted:

“Dear black artists, dont talk down on the black community like you are Gods gift to n-ggaz everywhere. If you wanna help, inspire, uplift, don’t point the blame and talk down.”

Clearly, Lupe didn’t appreciate the subliminal message and swiftly clapped back with a direct tweet.

“Shut Up… FOH @Kid Cudi. How about you stop shitting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart. Fake ass @KidCudi.”

Well, Lupe Fiasco hasn’t changed his feelings in the ordeal over the past seven years. Following the Chris Rock/Will Smith Oscars drama, he spoke out encouraging the two actors to hash out the beef.

All the while, he clarified that’s still

“fuck Cudi 4 life.”

Stay tuned to find out if Cudi responds.

Lupe Fiasco Won’t Squash Kid Cudi Beef

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