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Jaguar Wright’s Very Explosive Interview

Jaguar Wright’s Very Explosive Interview

Jaguar Wright’s Very Explosive Interview. Wright At It Again. This time she holds nothing back.She blast industry titans Jay and Diddy.

Does Wright Have The Scoop On Hip-Hop’s Dark Side?

Jaguar Wright’s Very Explosive Interview. Listen, people Wright spilled the tea. There is a lot to unpack in this interview.

First off, this was the second interview with Wright. The first interview was very revealing.

However, this time it appeared she was blasting hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. You may not remember Wright.

But she has been part of the music scene for more than 20 years. Therefore, we can call her a insider.

In other words, Wright was there when Diddy and Jay started their careers. Not only that, she sang along side Jay. His famous hit “Song Cry.”

Not to mention, she sang with Philly’s own “The Roots.” Also, Wright had a very successful singing career.

In fact, her voice is one of the most powerful voices in music. Personally, I think she should have gotten more recognition.

Especially since, she was a huge part of the “Neo Soul” movement in Philadelphia.

Yes, Wright was on the scene with Jill Scott, Musiq Soul Child, and other Neo Soul singers.

Therefore, her name should be right up there with those I have mentioned. So, we can conclude, Wright may have the dirt on some people.

Which brings me to my next point, Wright went in hard on Jay-Z. Some of what she shared made me cringe.

Did Jay-Z and Diddy conspire to kill Kim Porter? At least, that is what Wright is allegedly accusing them both of doing.

We all have heard stories about the dark side music industry. Is what Wright is revealing true?

How many times have we heard about the so-called Illuminati. Let’s not forget the weird Hollywood mansion parties.

Or the so-called blood contracts that are signed by rappers. Needless to say, these allegations against Jay are bind boggling.

Having said this, you don’t want to miss this tell all interview. In recent days, Wright had been seen on YouTube spilling a kinds of tea.

Thankfully, hosts O’God and SamAnt have the exclusive. Prepare yourself to be blown away.

By the way, she did not blast rapper Common this time. Of course, All Hip Hop gave us the story back in 2020.

Nevertheless, Wright’s allegations are really scary, to say the least.

Jaguar Wright

Check out the video above for more details.

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