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50 Cent Reached Agreement With TSR

50 Cent Reached Agreement With TSR

50 Cent Reached Agreement With TSR. The issue between The Shade Room and Fifty is over. It was settled out of court.

The Ruling Was In 50 Cent’s Favor

50 Cent Reached Agreement With TSR. The Shaderoom got involved in an alleged scandal. This involved Curtis”50 Cent” Jackson. Apparently, fifty visited a plastic surgery clinic in Florida.

During his visit, Fifty took a photo with the owner Angela Kogan. At the time, Kogan said she wanted a photo opportunity with Fifty. However, rumors started swirling. It was alleged that Fifty received a penal enhancement.

At the time, The Shaderoom picked up the story. And, they ran with it, literally. Social media was buzzing. Needless to say, Fifty was livid. In an earlier article, we discussed the situation.

Upon research of the incident, we found out Fifty did not have surgery. In fact, Fifty visited MedSpa, and Kogan’s attorney addressed the issue. According to Darren Heitner, Hogan never spoke about Fifty’s visit.

But there seem to be some discrepancies with Kogan. If she did not speak about Fifty’s visit, then who did? In other words, how did The Shaderoom get the information?

Furthermore, why did The Shaderoom exacerbate the situation, as reported by Complex? Be that as it may, Fifty has reached a settlement with The Shaderoom. This gets the media outlet off the hook, as reported by Vibe.

Having said this, Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa are set to go to court in July. Although, Fifty has let The Shaderoom off the hook. He is still pursuing his lawsuit against Kogan.


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Either way, it is a win-win for Fifty. By the way, Fifty’s former GF Vivica A. Fox acknowledges he needs no penal surgery. Now, Fox should be able to vouch for her former lover. So, there you have it.

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