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Blueface Blasts Charleston White For Ike Turner Comparison

Blueface Blasts Charleston White For Ike Turner Comparison

Blueface Blasts Charleston White For Ike Turner Comparison. The American rapper has recently been under fire of late. Podcaster Charleston White started a feud with him. He insulted Blueface’s character.

Blueface Addresses Controversial Comparison to Ike Turner

Blueface Blasts Charleston White For Ike Turner Comparison.

Charleston White said,

“Charleston White has boldly claimed that Blueface’s behavior towards Chrisean Rock is equivalent to that of Ike Turner’s treatment of the late Tina Turner.”

After hearing this, Blueface blasted White for the comparison.

Johnathan Porter, aka Blueface, took to his social media to address the controversy.


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This assumption by White made Blueface upset.

Therefore, he addressed the allegations on social media.

And, rightfully so. White had no right to compare Blueface to Ike Turner.

While Blueface does have issues with Chrisean, it may not be to the same extent as Tina’s abusive situation with Ike.

White believes otherwise, and he lets us all know where he stands.

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Rapper’s Clap Back At White Was Epic

Blueface had some information of his own about White.

He said, “It’s a mouse in the house.” Then Blueface backed it up with rat emojis.

This is a serious accusation against White by Blueface.

But it is not the first time White has been allegedly called out about cooperating in police investigations.

Sorry, I don’t have time to get into the allegations against White.

You get the drift. At any rate, Blueface is a formidable foe for White.

As you can see, Blueface was not going to back down.

Mainly since Blueface is used to defending himself against critics.

While Blueface’s comparison to Ike Turner was undoubtedly controversial.

The rapper has clarified that he did not intend to glorify or condone abusive behavior.

Where this will end is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned!!!

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