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Snoop & Master P Make History With Cereal

Snoop & Master P Make History With Cereal

Snoop & Master P Make History W Post Cereal. Master P and Snoop have a new joint venture. And, it is not music.

This Is An Historic Deal For Snoop & Master P

Snoop & Master P Make History With Cereal. It is the first time a cereal company is owned by Blacks.

According to Black Enterprise, business and rap moguls signed a national distribution deal with Post.

Post Consumer Brands are famous for breakfast foods. For this reason, Percy Miller and Calvin Broadus Jr. partnership is monumental.


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Master P was given a gold spoon to commemorate the partnership. In this video, allegedly Master P is at Post’s facility.

Both Master P and Snoop have been successful in hip-hop. Each has done the unthinkable.

In other words, the partnership with Post has not been done. Also, Master P mentions,

“Now, I feel like I’m back in my record company days. I did a record deal I sold 100 million records, and now with the cereal game. This is a new game! I got a gold spoon. This is what diversity is all about.”

He went on to say, his overall vision is putting more “African American-owned products on the shelf.”

This will joint venture will provide employment in Black communities.

After all, Blacks spends over $1 trillion annually on breakfast products.

Now, “we will be able to put money back into our community and our culture,” said Master P. ”

“So, this is bigger than just the cereal. This going to make a difference and we’ll be able to feed so many people.”

All of what he said took place during his speech. Snoop’s name was also mentioned. They both vow to “work hard.”

That is, to make sure they out do the competition. Of course, Master P and Snoop know it won’t be easy.

However, they are committed to being successful. Snoop Loopz cereal name was released in August.

Unfortunately, the cereal had to be renamed Snoop Cereal. There was an alleged lawsuit against Snoop Loopz.

It did not stop the rappers from moving forward. After all, it was Master P who help Snoop launch his rap career.

So, partnering with Master P is a win-win for Snoop. More importantly, both entertainers know how to market themselves.

On January 16, 2023, the partnership agreement was signed.

The Deal With Post Was Signed On Martin Luther King Day

Now, another historic event has taken place. Perhaps, Master P and Snoop planned this. Be that as it may, cereal will hit stores in June 2023.

There are three flavors, Fruity Hoopz, Cinnamon Toasteez, and Frosted Drizzlers. We must never forget,

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made sacrifices to create opportunities that many of us can benefit from today,” Master P shared in a statement, per the press release. “We are dream chasers because of him, and we think outside the box. We’ve come a long way; we’re not just consumers.”

With this in mind, Snoop and Master P make history. Consequently, we get so see Dr. King’s dream become more of a reality.

Generally speaking, I can’t wait to try the new cereal.Obviously, Post believes in Snoop and Master P’s cereal.

Otherwise, they could of declined the partnership. At the same time, this could be the start of more deals like it.

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