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Magic Submits $6 Billion Bid For Washington’s NFL Team

Magic Submits $6 Billion Bid For Washington’s NFL Team

Magic Submits $6 Billion Bid for Washington’s NFL Team. The team is up for sale. Those who are interested have entered a bidding war.

Magic Johnson & Josh Harris Make A $6B Offering

Magic Submits $6 Billion Bid for Washington’s NFL Team. The embattled football team has some viable offers.

For one thing, the team was asked to change its name. Washington’s name was changed from Redskins to The Commanders.

At first, many fans were in an uproar. Especially since Washington was well known for The Redskin logo.

Not only that, Washington’s football team was once a worthy opponent.

Unfortunately, The Washington Commander had their challenges. However, it does appear they are on the comeback.

Perhaps, that is why Johnson and Harris are bidding so high to purchase the NFL franchise.

Furthermore, Johnson and Harris have enlisted the help of Mitchell Rales.

In an article by Afrotech, another bid by Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolpoulos has been submitted.

So, it appears there is a bidding war. But that does not mean Magic will not become the owner.

It all depends on Washington’s current owner Dan Snyder. One thing to consider, The Commanders did have a great season.

Of course, it could have been better. Having said this, TMZ reports, Snyder has been considering selling the team since 2022.

And, Snyder may be leaning towards Johnson/Harris/Rales group acquiring the team.

In a perfect world, it makes sense to sell to Johnson. After all, Johnson is an NBA icon and successful businessman.

To top it off, Johnson has first-hand knowledge of sports. Another important factor, all three men are successful entrepreneurs.

Clearly, it could not hurt to give an overhaul to the current team roster.

Johnson’s bid will give Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos some competition. I’m sure you will agree with me, it is becoming quite a bidding war.

If Snyder makes a sale, it will be the highest price for an NFL team. In fact, I read last year that the Denver Broncos sold for $4.65 billion.

Rob Walton is the new owner of the Broncos. Here’s the bottom line, it’s a win-win for the team and new owners.

As I mentioned earlier, The Commanders can use a new beginning.

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