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Could Billionnaire Robert Smith Be The First Black NFL Owner?!?!

Could Billionnaire Robert Smith Be The First Black NFL Owner?!?!

Robert Smith is one of the expected bidders of an NFL Team. He will be a serious contender to buy the Denver Broncos.

Robert Smith Among Those Expected To Bid On The Denver Broncos

Robert Smith has emerged as a possible bidder to buy the Denver Broncos, according to Black Enterprise.

As the richest black man in the U.S., Smith has a net worth of $6.7 billion dollars.

Back in 2019, the billionaire make headlines after pledging to pay off student loans of all 400 graduates of Morehouse College during his commencement speech there.

Making good on that promise, Robert Smith paid a whopping $34 million dollars to satisfy those loans.

The Denver Broncos is expected to net $4 billion dollars when it goes on sale during the off-season.

At 59 years old, the Vista Equity Partners founder and CEO (who is from Denver) would actually become the first black to own an NFL franchise if he decides to be a candidate and win the bid.

When sold, it will become the most expensive team in U.S. history.

But he’s not the only contender.

So far, these folks are among those that have shown interest in owning a franchise –

robert smith among contenders to buy denver broncos

  • Robert Smith (Vista Equity Partner founder and CEO)
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder and chairman)
  • John Elway (former Broncos quarterback and current General Manager)
  • Peyton Manning (former Broncos quarterback)

In fact, they are all part of groups vying for the major purchase.

Another black billionaire could very well be in the running too.

Though he didn’t necessarily mention the Denver team specifically, Hip Hop mogul Jay Z could also be in the running.

As he has gone on the record as having a desire to own an NFL team.

Because the team is owned under the Patrick D. Bowlin trust, if the Broncos go up for sale, it will probably be through an auction, according to Bleacher Report.

Therefore, not only will they be obligated to go with the highest bidder, but they will also have to have the approval of at least 24 of the 32 NFL team owners.

Bowlin’s brother and 7 children will be the beneficiaries of such a deal.

Will Robert Smith make history again?

Watch this space.

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