Daily Archives: May 2, 2021


Swizz Beatz Blasts Irv Gotti!!!

Swizz Beatz Blasts Irv Gotti. And, 50 Cent got in on the diss. In fact, 50 and Swizz came to DMX defense. Did Irv mean any harm? Swizz Beatz blasts Irv Gotti. So, by now we heard Irv speak out ...

LAPD Wants LeBron Investigated!!!

LAPD Wants LeBron Investigated. The Los Angeles Laker could be in trouble for a recent tweet. Although, he may not face any penalties. How will NBA commissioner respond? LAPD wants LeBron Investigated.  So, LeBron received backlash for a tweet on ...

Exclusive With Billionaire Mark Cuban!!!

Exclusive With Billionaire Mark Cuban. This is rare interview with the legendary Basketball team owner. Who we all know is famous for the show “Shark Tank.” Mark talks about secrets to success Exclusive with Billion Mark Cuban. The hosts of ...