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Alleged Audio Of LAPD Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle Parents!!!

Alleged audio of LAPD  disrespecting Nipsey Hussle parents. The Los Angeles police have been notorious for their flagrant disregard for African American citizens. And, we come to find out that LAPD made some horrible comments that were captured on audio. ...

Nipsey’s Bodyguard J Roc Leaves Emotional Message On IG!!!

Nipsey’s bodyguard J Roc leaves emotional message on IG. On the day Nipsey was shot and killed J Roc was not by his side. J Roc is devastated by the loss of his friend and mentor; He was always by ...

Rapper Jim Jones Dodges Jail Time!!!

Rapper Jim Jones dodges jail time. Jones must be leaping for joy. Jones would have been facing considerable jail time if convicted for gun and drug weapon charges. However, Jones took a plea agreement instead. Jones and two other men ...