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Rockets Hire Former Celtics Coach Ime Udoka

Rockets Hire Former Celtics Coach Ime Udoka

Rockets Hire Former Celtics Coach Ime Udoka. The former Celtics coach was suspended. Udoka allegedly violated the team’s policy.

Ime Udoka Gets Another Chance As A Coach

Rockets Hire Former Celtics Coach Ime Udoka.

Coach Udoka was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a member of the organization.

Although Udoka led the Boston Celtics to a 51-31 record, he was still suspended.

Not to mention, Udoka took the Celtics to an NBA final, as stated by NBC Sports.

Nevertheless, Udoka allegedly violated a policy of having relations with an employee.

For some people, that may not be a reason to suspend the coach.

Nevertheless, Udoka got into trouble for having an alleged “improper workplace relationship.”

At this time, Udoka will be signing a contract with The Houston Rockets.

Another NBA team was interested in Udoka (Toronto Raptors).

When Udoka met with Rockets general manager Rafael Stone, he made the deal.

This will be an excellent partnership for both the Rockets and Udoka.

Especially since Udoka has an excellent track record.

Also, Udoka will be an asset to the players.

Can Udoka Bring Houston A Winning Season?

At the same time, Udoka can prepare the players for better results.

After all, as stated by ESPN, Houston did not have great seasons.

In fact, they could use some help developing a winning team.

And, Udoka may be the one to take them to the playoffs.

For this reason, Udoka could be a perfect fit. He has earned the respect of players in the league.

NBA Sports reports Houston had one of the worst seasons last year.

As a result, they fired head coach Stephen Silas. Silas was only in Houston for three seasons.

On the other hand, Udoka led the Celtic to many victories.

Now, Udoka will get the chance to do the same for Houston.

Can Udoka turn Houston’s team around?

Will he be able to have the same success in Houston as in Boston?

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