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Kyrie Irving Rejoins The Nets

Kyrie Irving Rejoins The Nets

Kyrie Irving Rejoins The Nets. It looks like NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving is officially back on the floor. After meeting a series of requirements—he’s clear to play starting today.

The Nets Allow Kyrie Irving to Rejoin The Lineup

Kyrie Irving Rejoins The Nets. According to reports, Kyrie can play basketball again. As previously mentioned, he found himself in a whirlwind of trouble following a Tweet he shared.

Specifically, a book and documentary called Hebrew to Negroes: Wake Up Black America. Apparently, the film is seen as Antisemitic—which caused Irving to suffer lots of scrutiny.

Thus, the Brooklyn Nets suspended him without pay. And he’s been out for a few weeks.

As a result, the NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the Nets organization gave him a laundry list of things to do before suiting up again.

  • Meet with commissioner Adam Silver, Nets owner Joe Tsai, as well as local Jewish leaders.
  • Issue a public apology stating his understanding of how harmful it was to share the content.
  • Complete sensitivity training.
  • Donate $500,000 to anti-hate causes.
  • Undergo training to understand anti-Semitism.

Kyrie Irving Issues an Apology

Initially, he refused to apologize. However, the 30-year-old eventually did what needed to be done. Here’s a statement from Irving:

“I don’t stand for anything close to hate speech or antisemitism or anything that is going against the human race.”

“I just really want to focus on the hurt that I caused or the impact that I made within the Jewish community. Putting some type of threat, or assumed threat, on the Jewish community, I just want to apologize deeply for all my actions for the time that it’s been since the post was first put up. I’ve had a lot of time to think, but my focus initially, if I could do it over, would be to heal and repair a lot of my close relationships with my Jewish relatives, brothers and sisters.”

Additionally, he believes people should have the freedom to speak for themselves.
He continues:

”I feel like we all should have an opportunity to speak for ourselves when things are assumed about us and I feel it was necessary for me to stand in this place and take accountability for my actions, because there was a way I should have handled all this and as I look back and reflect when I had the opportunity to offer my deep regrets to anyone that felt threatened or felt hurt by what I posted, that wasn’t my intent at all.”

Many people believed he’d retire instead of submitting to the requirements. Well, he’s officially back in the lineup. Todays game vs the Memphis Grizzley’s will be his first since the chaos began.

Of course, actions have reactions and players aren’t exempt from the consequences. Stay tuned for more!

Kyrie Irving Rejoins The Nets

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