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Jacque Vaughn Is Brooklyn Net’s Head Coach

Jacque Vaughn Is Brooklyn Net’s Head Coach

Jacque Vaughn Is Brooklyn Net’s Head Coach. There were others up for the position. However, Vaughn was the best fit.

Will Coach Vaughn Take Them To A Championship?

Jacque Vaughn Is Brooklyn Net’s Head Coach. This move came as a surprise. Especially since, Ime Udoka, Boston’s suspended coach was a consideration.

But instead, Vaughn was given the job. Coach Steve Nash was replaced. The Nets backed off from hiring Nash for several reasons. One is the controversy with player Kyrie Irving, as reported by ESPN.

Not to mention, Udoka was suspended by Boston. Allegedly, Udoka was involved in a relationship with a female co-worker. Also, The Nets thought it made more sense to hire Vaughn.

After all, Vaughn has been instrumental in stabilizing the team. Here is what was shared,

“Jacque’s basketball acumen, competitiveness and intimate knowledge of our team and organization make him the clear-cut best person to lead our group moving forward,” Nets general manager Sean Marks said in a statement. “He has a proven ability to get the best out of our players, hold them accountable and play a cohesive, team-first style of basketball.”

Vaughn as the interim coach led the team to a win of 112-85. This was against the New York Knicks. Although the season is not in full swing, that is impressive.

Equally important, team guard Joe Harris mentioned,

“JV is a great coach,” Nets guard Joe Harris said before Wednesday’s announcement. “Having played in the NBA for a while, been a coach in the league for a while, having experience as a head coach, having a lot of experience now as an assistant, he’s seen a lot, had a lot of different experiences, he’s kind of fine-tuned what his approach is. In addition,

“He really just simplifies the game, I said that when we were in the bubble, same thing, but he makes sure that everybody is fully aware of what’s going on. He’s the type of coach we go through a scout [report] — there’s going to be a lot of transparency and dialogue. It’s not just him speaking hoping everybody understands. It’s a collective thing where he makes sure that everybody fully is aware of what’s going on and understanding what’s happening.”

Therefore, Vaughn is an excellent asset to the organization. Of course, Vaughn was the head coach for the Orlando Magic (2012-2015). Thankfully, Vaughn was not upset he was not the first choice.

He joked about it saying,

“I guess I was the write in candidate in the minds of elections right now,” Vaughn said before the game. “But I’m ok with that. I said to my wife I might have not been her first choice, but we’ve been together 20 years so it could all work out, so off we go.”

At this time, embattled player Kyrie Irving has not commented. Clearly, Irving might have to wait to play for Coach Vaughn. Because of his alleged Anti-Semitic issues, he has been benched.

Be that as it may, we will keep our eye on The Nets. There you have it. We will see how well The Nets do this season.  Only then will we know if Vaughn was the right choice.

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