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C-Murder Is On A Hunger Strike

C-Murder Is On A Hunger Strike

C-Murder Is On A Hunger Strike. This is not the first hunger strike before. Corey Miller is the brother of Percy “Master P’ Miller.

C-Murder Is Staging This Hunger Strike For Health

C-Murder Is On A Hunger Strike. He is taking another stand against prison conditions.

According to C-Murder, the conditions in Angola prison are horrific. More particular, C-Murder is concerned about prisoners affected by Covid-19.

Especially because, C-Murder is risking his health for this cause. Also, C- Murder wants 31 documents in his case unsealed, as reported by All Hip Hop. In addition, he mentions this,

“also referred to an appeal, due to be answered later this month. He announced he has been on a hunger strike since Feb. 23 to protest the conditions at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center. He intends to “bring awareness to me and all inmates neglected and abused at the hands of the Louisiana penal system.”

Whenever, this happens with a prisoner, it brings necessary attention. That is , by C-Murder not eating food, is another way to protest. We know that food is essential for health.

According to C-Murder, inmates are confined to their cells all day and are prohibited from leaving to get fresh air. The COVID-19 tests — which are allegedly “not up to standard” — give inaccurate results, and those with preexisting conditions, ailments and terminal illnesses have passed away upon contracting the virus. The deaths, the rapper claims, are mainly due to lack of necessary treatment.

Furthermore, long periods of not eating can be harmful. Nevertheless, C-Murder wants the plight of prisoners to be heard. What better way, than to stage a hunger strike.

We at Hip Hop Uncensored, have spoken with C-Murder’s publicist. She is asking for support. Therefore, we want to bring this to your attention. Here is a way you can all help. Share this information.

During the conversation with is publicist, C-Murder’s health has allegedly declined.

So, we are doing our part to get the word out. Keep in mind, C-Murder is fighting for a worthy cause.

S-Murder Continues To Maintain His Innocence

A key witness admits he lied to convict C-Murder. On Jan. 12, 2002, C-Murder was performing at a nightclub in Atlanta. After his performance, authorities alleged C-Murder killed a teen who was in the audience.

Steven Thomas (16) was shot and killed that night. Six days latter, C-Murder was arrested as a murder suspect. Long story short, C-Murder was put on trial for second -degree murder.

Obviously, he was convicted. Further down the line, a witnesses Kenneth Jordan recanted his testimony. Nevertheless, C-Murder remained behind bars.

Fast forward, and for the second time, C-Murder has staged a hunger strike. Presently, C-Murder has appealed his conviction. Stay Tuned!!!

c murder hunger strike

Check out the video above for more details.

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