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Stevie & WanMor’s Grammy Tribute To Motown

Stevie & WanMor’s Grammy Tribute To Motown

Stevie & WanMor’s Grammy Tribute To Motown.WanMor are the sons of R&B singer Wanya.Wanya is the lead singer in Boyz II Men.

Best Performance Of 65th Grammys

Stevie & WanMor’s Grammy Tribute To Motown. Joining Stevie on stage was the legendary Smokey Robinson.

And, country singer Chris Stapleton jammed hard on his guitar. It was the best performance of the night, in my opinion.

Not to mention, new comers WanMor (Big Boy, Chulo, Tyvas, and Rocco) hit the stage.

Needless to say, Stevie and Smokey are R&B Royalty. However, it was pure genius to add WanMor and Chris Stapleton.

The tribute to Motown’s founder Berry Gordy was phenomenal. We heard their rendition of “Tears Of A Clown.”

They sang some of the Temptations “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”

Then Smokey hit a few of his famous songs. But when Stevie and Chris performed “Higher Ground”,  it was electrifying.

Not only that, WanMor nearly stole the performance, as reported by Blavity.

Some of their iconic Temptation moves were mixed with new school dancing.

WanMor are internet sensations. They have been performing together for 5 years.

I have carefully followed their careers on Instagram. Keep in mind, Wanya’s 4 sons come from music royalty.

And the oldest in the group Big Boy sounds so much like his father.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, The Grammys out did it this year.

According to Blavity, this was a great tribute to Motown. Even Berry Gordy was standing on his feet.

Clearly, Gordy thought the medley of songs did Motown justice.

After their performance, fans of WanMor lit up Twitter with comments, as reported by Yahoo.

Comedian Billy Crystal introduced Stevie. It was an unusual duet with Chris and Stevie.

Nashville meets Hitsville USA on stage was magnetic. Again, I must say, Chris’s voice and guitar playing was phenomenal.

Stevie Wonder & Smokey Pay Tribute To Motown’s Berry Gordy

Of course, Stevie always sings his heart out. This was a performance to be remembered.

Needless to say, the crowd was feeling it. Some of their fans admitted WanMor has a bright future.

I most certainly agree. How can I forget, Greg Phillinganes accompanied Stevie on the keyboards.

Phillinganes was discovered by Stevie in 1978, as reported by Wiki.

He gained success as the keyboardist on Michael Jackson’s hits“Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad”, and “Dangerous.”

Motown also known as Hitsville USA is responsible for R&B’s music. In other words, Motown put African American music on the world’s stage.

Never before, had any record label celebrated Black music artists. Founder Berry Gordy started Motown in 1959.According to Britannica,

“Gordy assembled an array of talented local people (many who had benefited from the excellent music education program at Detroit public schools in the 1950’s) at 2648 West Grand Boulevard, destined to become the most famous address in Detroit.

It was after recording Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. Countless music genre’s were influenced by the “Motor City” sound.

More importantly, many R&B artist owe their career success to Motown.

Notably, The Temptations, The Supremes, and Marvin Gaye careers started with Gordy.

Other famous R&B groups, The Miracles, The Four Tops, Gladys Knight and the Pips owe their success to Motown.

Needless to say, Martha and the Vandellas, The Marvelettes, and the Isley Brothers benefited from Motown.

Equally important, Gordy spearheaded a movement that has influenced hip-hop.

Having said this, Stevie and Smokey started their careers with Motown.

Therefore, it was good to see them on stage celebrating Gordy. After all, Gordy discovered Stevie.

At the time, Stevie was called “The Boy Wonder.” We can’t even begin to touch on Stevie’s impact on music.

In reality, Gordy, Robinson, and Morris contribution to music at large is monumental.

After all, many R&B and hip-hop music is infused with the Motown sound.

All things considered, the 65th Grammys did Motown justice.

General speaking, their performance was the highlight of the show.

stevie wonder n wanmor tribute

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