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WanMor Remake ‘Please Don’t Go’By Boyz 2 Men

WanMor Remake ‘Please Don’t Go’By Boyz 2 Men

WanMor Remake’ Please Don’t Go’By Boyz 2 Men. Mary J. Blige’s label, Beautiful Life Productions, has embarked on an exciting new collaboration with the up-and-coming singing group WanMor. The talented four brothers, composed of Wanya Morris’s sons, have been making waves in the music industry with their soulful harmonies and captivating performances. Their latest single, “Please Don’t Go,” is a testament to the unique partnership between Mary’s label and Wanmore.

Mary J. Blige’s Label Joins Forces with Wanmore Singing Group

WanMor Remake’ Please Don’t Go’By Boyz 2 Men.

Beautiful Life Productions is Mary’s label, and it is now making waves in the music industry.

And, with the signing of WanMor in 2019, fans are in for a fantastic ride with this soulful quartet.

With the release of WanMor’s new single “Please Don’t Go,” a remark from the iconic R&B group Boyz 2 Men.

Incidentally, when you listen to WanMor’s new song, you will hear a familiar voice.

That is because the lead singer in Boyz 2 Men, Wanya Morris’ oldest son’Boy Big’, sings lead in the remake.

Let me say I have been watching WanMor on Instagram since they started.

These four youngsters (Big Boy, Chulo, Tyvas, and Rocco) are destined for stardom, just like their father.

It suffices to say that WanMor could not have a better mentor than the Queen of R&B, Mary J Blige.

Mary has bought us hit after hit songs for many years and is one of the best.

According to Soul Bounce, May has a vision for Wanya’s son’s group (WanMor).

Also, WanMor has another hit song “Every Pretty Girl in the City.”

As mentioned, WanMor has the sound R&B lovers love to listen to.

The partnership between Beautiful Life Production, 300 Entertainment, and Wanmore is a natural fit.

Both entities share a passion for authentic and soulful music.

With their melodic harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, Wanmor has quickly gained a dedicated fan base.

Perhaps WanMor will sweep the Grammys next year.

Having said this, it is refreshing to see a young boy group bring us R&B music again.

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