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Rapper Scarlip Drops New Single ‘No Statements’

Rapper Scarlip Drops New Single ‘No Statements’

Rapper Scarlip Drops the New Single ‘No Statements.’ the rising star in the music industry has set the music scene ablaze with her latest single, ” ‘No Statements.’ The talented artist has been making waves with her unique blend of rap and R&B, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. With ‘No Statements,’ Scarlip has taken her artistry to new heights, showcasing her incredible talent and cementing her place as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

A Blazing Single by Bronx Queen Scarlip Shakes Up the Industry

Rapper Scarlip Drops New Single ‘No Statements.’

Sarah McColgan directs this new joint by the Bronx native video.

As stated by The Source, McColgan directed videos for H.E.R., Nas, and Miguel.

Scarlip burst onto the rap scene with a catchy anthem, ‘This is New York.”

It was Swizz Beatz who discovered Scarlip and gave her a start.

She has since appeared on the BET Awards with iconic rapper Busta Rhymes.

And, Scarlip is quickly making a name for herself in hip-hop.

The song opens with a catchy, energetic beat that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

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During the summer, Scarlip made waves at New York Fashion Week as she took center stage.

Her raw and authentic storytelling will leave you wanting more.

Scarlip has a bright future ahead.

That is, she continues to make music her fans like.

As she continues to ignite the music scene with her talent.

Bronx Queen Scarlip is destined for a bright future.

Fans eagerly await her next move, knowing she will continue pushing boundaries.

And she is dominating the music industry with her blazing artistry.

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