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Ralo Celebrates His Up Coming Music

Ralo Celebrates His Up Coming Music

Ralo Celebrates His Upcoming Music. Atlanta’s rap icon speaks from prison. He talks about his growth.

Ralo Continues To Create Music Behind Bars

Ralo Celebrates His Upcoming Music. It has been over 5 years since Ralo went to prison.

And, he has learned some very valuable information.

In an interview behind bars, Ralo speaks. He covered an array of topics.

First, Ralo remained true to his music.

According to All Hip Hop, Ralo mentions he is still passionate about rapping.

Not even being prison can stop his flow of creativity. In fact, he believes he has become more creative.

The rapper was arrested in 2018. A report by 11 Alive stated,

The 23 year-old rap artist is facing federal conspiracy and marijuana possession charges connected to the gang “Famerica” of which the feds said he was the leader. A federal affidavit stated that”at Ralo’s direction, gang members sell drugs and firearms and engage in other traditional gang activities, according to”

As a result, Terrell Davis aka Ralo was found guilty. He was sentenced to 97 months.

Which roughly amounts to at least 8 years. In the meantime, Ralo recorded his music via phone.

His project was named “97 Months.” Having said this, Ralo shared,

“My biggest part about naming the project 97 Months is due to the fact that, that was my sentence and I didn’t get any charges reduced nor did I cooperate. I had no sentence reduction whatsoever and I just wanted to hold on to that.”

At the same time, Ralo worked with rappers Jadakiss, T.I. 2Chainz, Mozzy and Bigga Rankin.

Also, Derez, Jacquees, De’Shon and Jessica Dime were featured on ‘Political Prisoner’ (2021).

Additionally, Ralo claims he has discovered who had his best interest at heart.

Not only that, Ralo now knows who truly loves him.

Another important factor, Ralo is an independent rapper.

For this reason, he is not obligated to any Record label.

This give him creative control. Take a listen to ‘Street Honors” featuring Jadakiss.

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