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Nicki Minaj Adjusts ‘Pink Friday 2’ Release Date

Nicki Minaj Adjusts ‘Pink Friday 2’ Release Date

Nicki Minaj Adjusts ‘Pink Friday 2’ Release Date. Nicki, the renowned rapper and songwriter, has recently made a difficult decision to push back the release date of her highly anticipated album, ‘Pink Friday 2’. This unexpected delay comes amidst a conflict allegedly between Minaj and her mentor, Lil Wayne. As fans eagerly await the release of Minaj’s new music, the impact of this conflict on the album’s launch is now a topic of intense speculation and discussion.

Nicki Minaj Pushes Back ‘Pink Friday 2’ Release Date Amid Lil Wayne Conflict

Nicki Minaj Adjusts ‘Pink Friday 2’ Release Date

In a surprising turn of events, Nicki Minaj has decided to postpone the release of her upcoming album.

According to People, Nicki wants to release the ‘Pink Friday 2’ on her birthday in December.

While some believe Nicki pushed the date back because of Lil Wayne dropping his album.

She has not responded to the commotion.

Instead, Nicki thought it would be a great idea to celebrate her birthday with the album release.

Here is what she shared,

“The new album date for this incredible body of work that I’m so proud of is on a very special day to me and to the Barbz,” Nicki said in an Instagram Live clip, which can be seen below. “It will come out on my birthday. Pink Friday 2, I’m so happy to announce, will be out on my birthday.”

The announcement has disappointed fans and intrigued about the reasons behind this decision.

While specific details regarding the conflict have not been disclosed.

Although Nicki is standing by her statement, fans can’t help but wonder differently.

Furthermore, Nicki mentioned, the vinyl pressing could not be done until December 1st.

Therefore, changing things just makes perfect sense, as stated by XXL Mag.

So, her fans will have to wait for the highly anticipated album.

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