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My Top 3 Favorite Logic Songs

My Top 3 Favorite Logic Songs

My Top 3 Favorite Logic Songs

You may have not heard of him before, but Logic could easily be one of the most slept on artists of our time. The biracial Rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland has recently been found out by mainstream media with his hit song, 1-800-273-8255. Logic is my favorite rapper of all time because of his many mixtapes and albums. I love so many of his songs, but, here are my top 3 favorite Logic songs.

  1. Soul Food – Under Pressure

In his debut album, Under Pressure, there were many song that were loved by the fans such as, I’m Gone, Growing Pains III, Gang Related, Nikki, and Buried Alive. Personally my favorite song from this album is Soul Food. In the song., Logic quotes his beginnings, living in a section 8 household and welfare, to becoming a main stream artist. My favorite part of the song, the second part, the lyrics become faster and more gritty.

2. Growing Pains III – Under Pressure

As you can tell, Under Pressure is by far my favorite Logic album. I love all of the songs in the album, especially Soul Food and Growing Pains III. Growing Pains is a series of songs that started in Logic’s first mixtape, Young, Broke, and Infamous. It was continued in his 3rd mixtape, Young Sinatra, and the latest version is in his 1st album, Under Pressure. The series is about his life at his home when he was younger. Growing Pains III is my favorite of the Trio because of how deep it goes into his messed up childhood. The song starts off with a drive by shooting, and then delves into him rapping about life in a section 8 household and how his family was. He talks about his past with drugs with alcohol and his extremely dysfunctional family. The song ends with him rapping about how he looks at families on TV and how he wishes that was his family when he was younger.

3. The Spotlight – Young Sinatra: Undeniable

I really like Logic’s mixtapes. My favorite one has to be Young Sinatra: Undeniable. This mixtape is part of a small list of mixtapes/albums in which I love every single song from that mixtape/album. My favorite song in Young Sinatra: Undeniable is The Spotlight because of the overall feel of the song. I really love how this song has really fast rapping along with an amazing beat. Two things that equal a great song in my opinion.

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