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Lizzo Announces Retirement From Music Amid Personal Criticism

Lizzo Announces Retirement From Music Amid Personal Criticism

Lizzo Announces Retirement From Music Amid Personal Criticism. In a surprising turn of events, famous singer and rapper Lizzo has announced her retirement from the music industry. The announcement comes amid personal criticism and negative comments directed towards the artist in recent months. Known for her empowering and body-positive music, took to social media to share the news with her fans.

Lizzo Announces Retirement from Music

Lizzo Announces Retirement From Music Amid Personal Criticism.

Melissa Jefferson rose to fame with hits like “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell,” which championed self-love and confidence. However, the artist has faced backlash and criticism from internet trolls and media outlets.

Which seems to have taken a toll on her mental health. In her retirement announcement, Lizzo thanked her fans for their support.

It is stated that she needs to take a break from the spotlight to focus on her well-being.


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The news of Lizzo’s retirement has shocked and saddened many of her fans.

Her music inspired them to believe in themselves, so it is very disheartening to her fans, who have come to love it.

While Lizzo did not specify how long her hiatus from music would be.  At this point, she feels she is not being appreciated.

It is a stark reminder of artists’ pressures in the public eye. That is why taking care of their mental health becomes more of a priority.

As we all know, Lizzo had been embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit, as stated by Today. Her former dancers alleged they worked in a hostile environment.

Also, the three women involved in the lawsuit claim Lizzo sexually harassed them.

Amid Personal Criticism Concerning The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Lizzo’s decision to step away from the music industry comes at a crucial time in her career. She is facing more than one lawsuit. Another employee alleges that Lizzo bullied and harassed them.

In addition, Lizzo has been accused of racial discrimination. All of these allegations have allegedly taken a toll on Lizzo. According to another report by Yahoo, Lizzo has decided to call it quits.

Despite her efforts to spread a message of positivity and self-love. The artist has been the target of hurtful comments and negativity.

Often stars face backlash and allegations that challenge their careers. Having social media scrutinize your every move can be harmful.

More importantly, it is the backlash and personal criticism Lizzo is getting.

As fans and supporters of Lizzo, we must rally behind her and show our support during this difficult time.

Perhaps, Lizzo will have a change of heart. That is if the allegations against her are dismissed. Having said this, it sounds like Lizzo is done with music.

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