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Is Rapper Murs Retiring?

Is Rapper Murs Retiring?

Is Rapper Murs Retiring? Los Angeles Rapper Murs has had an immaculate career. Is he officially calling it quits?

Rapper Murs Might Be Retiring

Is Rapper Murs Retiring? Los Angeles rapper Murs recently said some interesting things on Twitter. The Los Angeles rapper hinted at retiring.

Allegedly, his name acronym stands for Making the Universe Recognize and Submit or Making Underground Raw Shit.

Importantly, the past twenty years have been very good to him. Also, he’s a part of Living Legends touring with Atmosphere with Tech N9ne. Either way, the hip-hop game has benefited him tremendously.

Interestingly, in 2016 Murs set the Guinness World Record for rapping 24 hours non-stop.

However, he recently took to Twitter to announce his possible retirement. Well, he’s supposed to release a song titled The Beginning of The End.

Murs had this to say via Twitter

“Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. And y’all know I’m a storyteller. Today I released a song called ‘The Beginning of the End.’ About 20 years ago, I released a song called ‘The End of the Beginning’ because I knew I was beginning the midpoint of my journey. Today, I begin the end of my journey as an MC.”

About to “rap” it all up in a minute but before that happens there’s a lot more music to give y’all. It starts here and now

The Beginning of The End

Furthermore, Murs confirmed this isn’t a new realization:

“We reached that point y’all. About a year or so left and I’m giving this notice because I want you all to enjoy all the projects I have coming. I have a lot of music coming. I want you to enjoy it and enjoy this last trip around the bases with me.”

Also, Murs explained he’ll be responding more in-depth with a podcast and more:

Today we begin the end. I’ll be going more in depth with various posts, podcasts and interviews in the upcoming months but for now I hope you enjoy the new music! ‘The Beginning of the End” produced by @borischp and @spkilla99. Streaming wherever you get your music. And if you know the artist and song I quoted in the reel name drop’em in the comments.”

Of course, Murs was met with never-ending support. Artists like Aesop Rock, Z-Trip, Hieroglyphics A-Plus as well as DJ EFN, and Headnodic pour out support for Murs’ decision.

Notably, Murs released 16 albums throughout his career. Murs lets the fans know he’s a dedicated father and husband.

Lastly, he had this to say:

“I am a pro-Black, gang-banging, comic book reading, skateboarding, business owning, God loving, husband and father of three,” Murs told HipHopDX at the time. “After 20-plus years of putting out music, I feel like I’ve finally been able to put it all that together properly in one album. DJ.Fresh came with the right sound at the right time.”

At any rate, the Los Angeles lyricist sounds like he’s ready to throw the towel in. But he believes this last project speaks to his personality. Hopefully, his decision is well thought out.

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