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Did The Migos Split Up?

Did The Migos Split Up?

Did The Migos Split Up? Earlier today, a Twitter user pointed out the Migos not following each other. Are they still a group?

Migos On The Outs

Did The Migos Split Up? Of course, social media users find out everything.

Apparently, Offset unfollowed his group mates on Instagram. Thus, sparking rumors of a breakup.

Recently, Quavo was spotted in the same vacation spot as Karrueche. Is this Quavos’ way of starting a new chapter in every way?

Additionally, Quavo and Takeoff are set to release new music as a duo, Unc and Phew.

So far, they have a single called Hotel Lobby.

Did They Split Up

Well, it’s not clear rather they’re still a trio or not. But Kurrco announced on Twitter:

“Offset & Cardi B are no longer following Quavo & Takeoff on IG.”

The Atlanta trio dropped an album back in December. So this comes as a surprise.

Without a doubt, Black Twitter can’t stop talking about it. Here’s some feedback from Twitter users.

Another user tweeted:

Lastly, Offset could have been hinting at something last week. Maybe his departure was a long time coming. He tweeted:

Honestly, we don’t know what this means for the future of the group. But Migos certainly had an amazing run and gave us countless hits.

Are you ready for Unc and Phew to release new music?

Stay tuned as we learn more about the situation.

Migos Split Up

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