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Consequence & Rick Ross Song Features Amerie

Consequence & Rick Ross Song Features Amerie

Consequence & Rick Ross Song Features Amerie. Amerie is back. And, she is collaborating with Ross.

Consequence’s “Blood Stain 2″Features Rick & Amerie

Consequence & Rick Ross Song Features Amerie. It’s been 5 years since Amerie put out new music.

As a matter of fact, we wondered what happened. Moreover, some had questions about rapper Consequence.

The last time Consequence created music was in 2020. Now, we don’t have to wait any longer.

Music mogul Rick Ross, Consequence, and Amerie have collaborated on “Blood Stain 2.”

The new collaboration features singer Amerie. Some of you may remember Amerie. She had one of hottest song out “Why Don’t We Fall in Love.”

Following her hit song, she hit us up with “1 Thing.” Then she sort of disappeared from the music scene.

Of course, we can say the same for Consequence. Not that he disappeared altogether, as reported by JoJo Crew.

Her fans are jumping for joy. Amerie is back. On another note, fans wondered the same about Consequence.

Mainly because, Consequence was a regular on “Love & Hip Hop”:”New York.”  

Also, Consequence never stopped collaborating with others in hip-hop.

In fact, Consequence appeared with “A Tribe Called Quest.”

In addition, Consequence went solo. He released his album “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”

At the time, Consequence was on Good Music Record Label (2011).

That relationship with GMR allegedly ended badly.  Apparently, Kanye West and Consequence had some sort of dispute.

Later on, Consequence reconciled with Kanye, as reported by Wiki.

Further down the road, Consequence launched his own record label “Band Camp Records.”

Kanye produced Consequence’s first song “Blood Stain.”

Blood Stain did well. After all, Kanye is a great producers. Therefore, the song was bound to be a hit.

Keep in mind, Consequence called it “Beat of the Year” as reported by Complex.

Is the pressure on for Blood Stain 2 to do well?

On the other hand, will Rick Ross and Amerie make “Blood Stain 2” a success.

In reality, how can we compare the two songs? Take a listen to both.

Let me know what you think? Do you prefer “Blood Stain 1” or “Blood Stain 2?”
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