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Black Thought’s Album ‘Glorious Game’

Black Thought’s Album ‘Glorious Game’

Black Thought’s Album ‘Glorious Game.’ This new album is a collaboration with El Michels.This project by BT is separate from The Roots.

El Michels & Black Thought Collaborate

Black Thought’s Album ‘Glorious Game.’ After four-singles the rapper has released 12 track album

Okay Player reports, this joint music venture with El Michels is diverse.

The Roots frontman Black Thought had created music separate from the group.

El Michels and Black Thought decided to do this project during the Pandemic.

They both felt they could integrate aspects of their friendship in music.

That is when the idea formulated. Glorious Game is a masterpiece.

After listening to ‘Glorious Game’ I hear a different sound.

That is, Black Thought and El Michels captured a unique sound.

As stated by Billboard, Black Thought an El Michels tapped into their artistry.

And, some of the most prolific moments of their careers is heard.

Furthermore, as two very accomplished musicians Hip Hop continues to evolve.

Some would say, Hip Hop needs and infusion. Well here it is.

Needless to say, Black Thoughts Neo Soul sound he has impacted Hip Hop.

Not only that, “The Roots” brought Philly’s” Neo Soul” into the mainstream.

As a matter of fact, that unique Philly sound has made its way into urban Hip Hop culture.

In a similar fashion, El Michels has worked with Wu-Tang and Raekwon.

In fact, Leon Michels Affair made their debut album back in 2005.

Since then El Michels has developed a into a well sought out musician, as stated by All Music.

Better yet, both Black Thought and El Michels Afrocentric, jazz , soul, funk and rocksteady beats hit home.

As a result, we get to enjoy at taste of home.

If you are a true Hip Hop Head, you can appreciate this collaboration.

For those new too Hip Hop, you get a pure treat. Don’t take my word for it.

Take a listen. Tell us what you think.

black thought n el michels

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