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Black Thought – The Gift (2017) Mixtape

Black Thought – The Gift (2017) Mixtape

Black Thought – The Gift (2017) Mixtape

Easily, Black Thought is one of the most gifted MC’s of all time. The Mixtape King put together a mix of some of the most gunfire freestyles in Black Thought’s public career as a lyrical master. Here is a fan statement:

Black Thought been slept on purposely because he refuses to become the “Street rapper” the hip hop media as well as those who control the spins wants him to be. His real life story is a serious one, he doesnt come from a Cosby environment. His thought process is way above the crowd and he has no desire to be anything other than respected and paid in full of course – Martin Foster

With that in mind. Here is the tracklist from the Mixtape King’s classic compilation.

  1. Freestyle Intro (00:00)
  2. Funk Flex Freestyle (02:34)
  3. Toca Tuesdays Freestyle (12:43)
  4. Sway Cypher Ft Method Man (17:04)
  5. BET Cypher Ft Mos Def & Eminem (22:39)
  6. Shade 45 Freestyle (25:43)
  7. Rap City Freestyle (29:14)
  8. Throwback Demo Tape Freestyle (32:01)
  9. Combat Jack Freestyle (32:52)
  10. Sway Freestyle (35:24)
  11. Throwback freestyle Ft ?uestlove (38:38)
  12. Picnic NYC Freestyle Ft ?uestlove (41:58)

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