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29th Anniversary Of The Fugees Debut Album

29th Anniversary Of The Fugees Debut Album

29th Anniversary of The Fugees Debut Album. On this day ‘Blunted on Reality’ was released. And, the rest is history.

We Celebrate The Fugees During Black History Month

29th Anniversary Of The Fugees Debut Album. Their first album debuted in 1994.

According to Wiki, the trio (Wyclef, Lauren, and Pras) changed the sound of hip-hop. And, many Fugees fans would agree.

The Fugees first signed with Ruff-house Records. That is when ‘Blunted on Reality’ was released.

Of course, their first album got favorable reviews. But it was their second album ‘The Score’ which peaked at number one.

Billboard 200 charts caused the Fugees to be certified seven times platinum.

Their songs, ‘Killing Me Softly’, ‘Ready or Not’, and ‘Fu-Gee-La’ made them household names.

Not to mention, Lauren Hill’s career was born. She had one of the most soulful voices in hip-hop.

Perhaps, we would not have known the Fugees if it were not for ‘Blunted on Reality.’


Needless to say, each of the Fugees would have been noticed eventually. Especially since, each of them are so talented.

Important to note, Wyclef’s musical genius was un deniable.

It was their organic style of hip-hop that changed the genre, as reported by Hip Hop Scriptures.

As a matter of fact, the music was infused with Bob Marley, Nina Simon, Biggie and Snoop’s methodology.

In other words, it was a eclectic funky gangsta style. Yet there was hints of Marley and Simon’s rhythmic styles.

By the way, ‘Killing me Softly’ was originally sung by Roberta Flack. Lauren’s version of the song gave it new life.

Furthermore, The Fugees went on to sell more than eight million copies worldwide.

Clearly, The Fugees will alway be remembered as a young innovative group.

Both Wyclef and Lauren have gone on to have major success.

That is why we celebrate The Fugees contribution to hip-hop.

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