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Megan Thee Stallion Partners With Mugler

Megan Thee Stallion Partners With Mugler

Megan Thee Stallion Partners With Mugler. Back in April Megan dropped her single “Plan B.” This week she released the music video.

Cadwallader & Megan Make A Great Team

Megan Thee Stallion Partners With Mugler. Casey Cadwallader is defining a new generation. Cadwallader is the creative director at Mugler.

The very talented forward-thinking designer’s career is skyrocketing. Ever since, his start in 2018 at Mugler, Cadwallader their fashions have blossomed.

Not to mention, Cadwallader fashions are now seen on hip-hop clients such as Megan. Having said this, Cadwallader has teamed up with Megan once again.

This time he was the creative designer on her new video “Plan Be.” And, Megan is wearing the hell out of his fashions. Especially, the skin-like bodysuit she wears in one video scene.

Needless to say, Megan has been making power moves. Once again, Megan has proved why she is a hot commodity. Therefore, it made perfect sense to enlist Cadwallader’s fashion.

Megan Thee Stallion – Plan B [Official Video]


Of course, Mugler is legendary in the fashion industry. Founder Thierry Mugler, the French designer has epitomized fashion since the 1970s, as reported by Wiki.

Many people are familiar with Mugler’s perfume and cologne. Additionally, Mugler has created high-fashion clothing for many years.

Obviously, hiring Cadwallader was pure genius, according to W Magazine. Cadwaller sums up his thoughts about fashion today,

“For me, the legacy of the brand has always been about inclusion. It’s always shown a spectrum of gender,” he says. “There’s a lot to do with the craft and the curves and the appreciation of the body that resonate with me—this aspect of performative culture, about people on the stage, about dancers and singers, and how fashion takes from all of those creative arts to magnify each other. But culture has changed so much in the last 20, 30 years. And there’s a whole new way to express this brand.”

Clearly, Megan’s style fits his idea of innovative fashion ideas. For this reason, Megan likes working with Cadwallader. He is able to capture the essence of her videos. See for yourselves.

megan n casey

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