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Jim Jones Allegedly Racially Profiled At Gucci: Are We Surprised?

Jim Jones Allegedly Racially Profiled At Gucci: Are We Surprised?

An original member of Dipset, Jim Jones also referred to as Capo has alleged racial profiling. In this case, he is accusing Gucci. There are no lawsuits. He is only accusing them in the court of social media.

Jim Jones went shopping for an upcoming music video called “Goin’ Shoppin'”. This man has spent over 100K in Gucci in the last three months preparing for this music video. The music video was shot in a home where the living room and kitchen wallpaper were authentic Gucci prints. Expensive indeed.

Jim Jones Racially Profiled

These men went to finish the look along with Jim Jones and were avoided by the staff for hours before they left for Bergdorf. Jim Jones claims to have requested a manager several times. He also noted that he was shopping in the VIP section of the Gucci store.

VIP shoppers are usually met with sparkling water and champagne offers at the Gucci Store. After requesting the manager several times according to Jim Jones, they were met by a black male employee who he called, ” more racist than the white people.”

Black Outrage Leads To Social Media Attention and Dividends

This story begs the question, Why would you wait so long for service?” Is this not an affront to your human dignity? Gucci has a record of racial insensitivity, do they not? Was the music video worth putting yourself in such a humiliating position?

Didn’t rapper 50 just burn a Gucci T-shirt due to their racial sensitivity? Gucci released what some have called the black face turtle neck, with a matching jacket and doll accessory. Some say another luxury brand did this with shoes. Some allege that this is a dog whistle.

The New Social media Currency: Upsetting African Americans

In this context, a dog whistle can only be heard by those of a similar social group. Some say brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, and Prada do this to reassert themselves as brands that do not want black clientele so-called degrading their product.

Gucci hired African American Dapper Dan, which increased popularity and sales for their brand. Wanting an African American atelier’s fashion edge is not the equivalent of wanting black customers.

Why Upsetting African Americans Means Money in the Bank

Several luxury brands are guilty of what appears to be racial insensitivity. They go viral with free publicity. Their sales go up and then they release lackluster “diversity is needed” apologies. They often claim ignorance. Does one have to hire a black person to know that certain things are culturally disrespectful? Must a company hire a deaf person to know making fun of them is outrageous? Must there be an Asian staff member to inform others that saying “ching chong ching” in reference to their languages is offensive? What do you think? Comment down below.

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