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Jess Hilarious Unveiled As The Breakfast Club’s New Co-Host

Jess Hilarious Unveiled As The Breakfast Club’s New Co-Host

Jess Hilarious Unveiled As The Breakfast Club’s New Co-Host. The Breakfast Club, one of the most popular and influential morning radio shows in the United States, has recently welcomed a vibrant new addition to its team. Comedian and social media sensation Jess Hilarious has been unveiled as the dynamic new co-host of the show. Jess is set to bring fresh and exciting energy to the already successful program with her unique brand of humor and infectious personality.

Jess Hilarious Joins The Breakfast Club as Vibrant New Co-Host:

In a move that has thrilled fans and followers alike, Jess Hilarious has officially joined The Breakfast Club as their vibrant new co-host. Known for her quick wit and unfiltered comedic style, Jess has amassed a massive following on social media platforms through her hilarious sketches and relatable content.

Her ability to connect with diverse audiences through humor has made her a rising star in the entertainment industry. Her addition to The Breakfast Club team is expected to bring a new level of energy and entertainment to the show.

As a co-host on The Breakfast Club, Jess Hilarious will have the opportunity to engage with various guests. That includes celebrities, musicians, and influential figures from multiple industries.

According to IHeart Media, Jessica Moore has charisma and will be a bonus for the syndicated show.

Coveted Position With Charlamagne And DJ Envy Is Given To Jess Hilarious

The announcement was made on January 29, 2024, naming Jess as the third co-host. She will be the female voice standing with co-hosts Charlamagne and DJ Envy.

Jess was a recurring host last year when Angela Yee left in 2022. Yee left to create her podcast, “Lip Service.” Since her departure, The Breakfast Club has tried out a few celebrities for her former position.

The Baltimore Banner stated that Jess Hilarious was the best choice for the job. Before Jess officially received the position, she let the cat out of the bag in December.

And, when Charlemagne was asked about Jess being a co-host, he was visibly upset. At one point, we thought Jess had misspoken. However, now it appears she was the best choice for the podcast.

Fans of Jess are excited about her new gig, especially since she is a great entertainer. The Baltimore native shared her excitement with fans on social media. There was a short video with Jess sitting on a throne.

She was sitting on the throne while Charlagmagne and Envy were on each side. The popular podcast airs from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. on IHeart.

Thea Mitchem, IHeart Executive Vice President of Programming, said,

“I’m very excited to have Jess Hilarious join The Breakfast Club. She is a force in her own right, an actress, comedian, podcaster, and now, the co-host of The Breakfast Club,”  “Jess was the standout choice to join Charlamagne and DJ Envy to build upon The Breakfast Club’s legacy of entertaining, informing and enlightening the community.”

Having said this, Jess will officially join the show on February 5, 2024, as stated by Bossip.

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