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Jay-Z Calls Out The Grammys During His Acceptance Speech

Jay-Z Calls Out The Grammys During His Acceptance Speech

Jay-Z Calls Out The Grammys During His Acceptance Speech. In a powerful acceptance speech at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, Jay-Z took a stand and called out the Recording Academy for snubbing his wife, Beyoncé, in the Album of the Year category. The rapper was honored with Dr. Dre’s Global Impact Award. Then he scolded the Recording Academy for not allegedly voting for his wife. Jay-Z’s passionate speech not only shed light on the issue but also ignited controversy within the music industry.

Jay-Z’s Powerful Acceptance Speech Calls Out Recording Academy

Jay-Z Calls Out The Grammys During His Acceptance Speech.

In a powerful and dynamic acceptance speech, Jay-Z took the opportunity to address the Recording Academy. Although, he was not upset with singer Taylor Swift winning the ‘Best Album of the Year.’

He was merely pointing out that Beyonce is the most celebrated music artist. Beyonce has won 32 Grammys, which is the most ever won.

And, repeatedly, the Academy has overlooked Beyonce for the coveted AOTY Grammy. Therefore, during his acceptance speech, he spoke up for Beyonce.

According to People, Hov walked onstage with his daughter, Blue Ivy, to accept his award. And many of us held our breaths as we saw Hov begin to speak.

Jay-Z, known for his outspoken nature and activism, used his moment in the spotlight to shed light on the ongoing issue. First, he thanked the Recording Academy for the prestigious award.

After that, Jay jokingly called the Grammy award ‘sippy cups’ once used for Blue Ivy. He proceeded with his speech by pointing out some other issues.

You guessed it, Hov claimed that some music artists would be slighted. He questioned the Academy’s credibility and ability to fairly recognize Black artists’ contributions.

Jay-Z emphasized that many artists would be going home empty-handed. It was one of Hov’s most controversial speeches.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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