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XxxTentacion’s Alleged Murderer Raped in Jail?

XxxTentacion’s Alleged Murderer Raped in Jail?

The alleged murderer of rapper, XxxTentacion, 22-year-old Dedrick Williams who is currently being charged with murder was purportedly beaten and raped last night by “goons” of Kodak Black. It’s a well known fact that Xxx and Kodak were very close friends, like brothers. This information comes directly from website, Hip-Hop Overload:

XXXTentacion’s murderer Dedrick Williams was assaulted in Broward County jail. Word we got from our informant is that he was told Dedrick was getting a shower when he was ambushed with an attempted rape, which in jail is the ultimate sign of disrespect. We are told that Kodak Black people may have had something to do with it. This makes total sense because XXXTentacion and Kodak Black are extremely tight friends, like brothers. One has to think if the assault was calculated to happen the day of XXXTentacion’s memorial which was held at the BB&T Center in Broward County today. We are currently trying to get pictures of the assault once we do we will be sure to share them all. As you see we are told Dedrick was beaten down pretty bad.

This is the text that was purportedly the source of the information:

Instagram alleged rape xxxtentacion

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