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Suspect Arrested In Lil Tjay Shooting

Suspect Arrested In Lil Tjay Shooting

Suspect Arrested In Lil Tjay Shooting. The police officially have a suspect in connection to the Lil Tjay shooting. Today, the suspect is in custody.

Lil Tjay Shooting Suspect Arrested

Suspect Arrested In Lil Tjay Shooting. As previously reported, Bronx rapper Lil Tjay was shot back in June. Late one night, two shootings took place in Edgewater, NJ. One at a Chipotle, and the other at a nearby gas station.

Of course, one of the suspects were Lil Tjay. Following the shooting, he went through emergency surgery and remained hospitalized for weeks. Initially, he was said to be paralyzed. Luckily, he’s much better today after going through rehabilitation. According to sources, Mohamed Konate is the man behind the shooting.

Allegedly, the. 27 year-old attempted to rob Lil Tjay and friends before severely wounding the Calling My Phone rapper. One of the shots Konate fired hit him in the thoracic cavity.

The area that holds the vital organs. Specifically, the rib cage, heart and lungs.

Also, Konate and one of Lil Tjay’s friends were wounded in the shooting. Subsequently, the suspect was charged on three counts of first-degree attempted murder.

Not to mention, two of his associates are charged with second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon.

The three men are apparently complying with the authorities. Which most people assume is a sign of ratting each other out.

All in all, we’re glad Lil Tjay gets justice for this unthinkable attack. Prayers for his continued recovery.

Lil Tjay Suspect Arrested

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