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Sexy Red Contemplates Legal Action Over A.I. Voice Impersonation

Sexy Red Contemplates Legal Action Over A.I. Voice Impersonation

Sexy Redd Contemplates Legal Action Over A.I. Voice Impersonation. Rapper Sexy Redd, known for her unique and distinctive voice, faces a concerning issue: AI voice impersonation. With the rise of artificial intelligence technology, it has become increasingly more accessible for individuals to mimic someone else’s voice convincingly.

Rapper Sexy Red’s Concerns: A.I. Voice Impersonation

Sexy Red Contemplates Legal Action Over A.I. Voice Impersonation.

On Thursday, November 23rd, Janae Wherry hopped onto social media (X).

She spoke about an advertisement she disapproved of using her voice.

According to XXL Mag, the Ad featured a woman promoting a “health spending card.”

It also featured an A.I.-generated clip of her, and she was unhappy about it.

It has become increasingly alarming to know that anyone can mimic your voice.

This  is a problem for many celebrities who don’t want anyone to use their likeness,

Especially without their permission or legal consent.

She fears this could damage her reputation and infringe upon her interests.

With the advancement of deepfake technology, anyone can replicate Sexy Redd’s voice with astonishing accuracy.

Which makes it difficult to distinguish between the actual artist and an imitation.

Additionally, Sexy Redd expresses concerns surrounding the potential malicious use of her voice.

Understanding the severe implications of A.I. voice impersonation, she may seek legal action.

One possible legal avenue for Sexy Redd could be pursuing a copyright infringement claim.

By arguing that his voice is an integral part of her artistic work.

At this time, Sexy Redd is thinking things over.

But it may be a good idea to go after the sponsor of the Ad campaign.

What do you all think? Should Sexy Redd pursue a lawsuit or not?

If so, how much should she ask for?

As the battle against A.I. voice impersonation continues, there should be legislative.

Judicial efforts are required to address this growing concern.

In addition, it is necessary to provide guidelines for the use of an artist’s likeness and voice.

Primarily because many could be affected by this emerging threat to privacy, identity, and artistic integrity.

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