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RHOA Star Kandi’s Ex Questions Child Support

RHOA Star Kandi’s Ex Questions Child Support

RHOA Star Kandi’s Ex Questions Child Support. The singer/songwriter’s baby daddy wants some answers. Hip-Hop executive producer Russel”Big Block” Spencer does not think he owes child support to her.

Should Block Pay Kandi Child Support For Riley?

RHOA Star Kandi’s Ex Questions Child Support. Big Block is Riley’s father. He and Kandi had a relationship back in the day. And, out of the relationship their daughter Riley was born.

From the very beginning, he disagreed with child support, as reported by IHeart. Here is some of what he shared with Vlad TV, “How you got more than me and you put me on child support.”

Also during the interview, Big Block believes his daughter Riley is alleged jealous. Especially since he raised his other children but not her.

In other words, Big Block thinks this may be sparking reasons why Riley wants money from him. However, we should be asking if he owes child support. If so, then he should pay up.

According to Kandi Burruss, Riley mentioned these words during an episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta in April 2021.

“Riley said, that’s her money, and it was owed to her. It’s not like I was going to get new money or something.”

This kind of debate happens with many parents. Primarily, because of issues that stem from who is the most financially stable.

Kandi Burruss’ Daughter Riley Through the Years on The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Bravo


With that being said, does it matter if Kandi can support Riley financially or not? Why should Big Block be exempt from paying child support for his daughter?

Besides, he was once in a relationship with Kandi. It all balls down to whatever the judge determines. That is if Big Block has a case in child support court.

Additionally, it should not matter if Riley is 20- years old. She is entitled to any past child support. Of course, if her Dad is behind in payments.

At this point, we can only assume Big Block owes child support to Kandi for Riley.

Kandi Claps Back At Big Block

Kandi responded to Big Block by saying,


These were her exact words. She went on to say, “Don’t BLOCK your blessings not doing right by your children.” So, it sounds as though, Big Block may have to pay.

Otherwise, this could become a bigger issue for him. At some point, Riley got wind of her Dad’s comments. She commented by saying,

“My mom and I always try to take the high road. “But honestly it’s really upsetting that I constantly have to see you badmouthing us publicly. I was blessed to be raised in a household where my mom provided the best life I could have. No jealousy here. I would appreciate it if you could stop talking about us.”

Now, whether or not Big Block thinks Riley is being influenced or not? Riley is old enough to make her own choices.

Additionally, he should be concerned about having a relationship with his daughter. Since it appears he does have a good relationship with his other children.

There is still time to mend their relationship. Why should Big Block question child support?

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