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Rapper Soulja Boy Ends Feud With Blueface

Rapper Soulja Boy Ends Feud With Blueface

Rapper Soulja Boy Ends Feud With Blueface. In the world of hip-hop, feuds, and rivalries are not uncommon. They often make headlines and become the source of gossip and speculation. However, occasionally, we witness a pleasant surprise when two artists put their differences aside and resolve their conflicts amicably. Such is the case with Soulja declaring he wants a truce with Blueface. After months of tension and public spats, these two talented artists could bury the hatchet and move forward more harmoniously.

Rapper Soulja Boy: A Rivalry Settled

Rapper Soulja Boy Ends Feud With Blueface.

Draco, aka Soulja Boy, has been a prominent rapper in hip-hop for some time now. He has been known for his catchy tunes and unique style for years. However, his success hasn’t come without its fair share of controversies and rivalries.

One of his more recent and highly publicized feuds was with the rising star Blueface. The tension between the two artists escalated when they began taking jabs at each other on social media.

All while stirring up a storm within the hip-hop community as they continued to feud. The feud between them got so bad that they dissed each other’s girlfriends, as stated by XXL Mag.

It seemed like their rivalry was here to stay, but a turning point may have occurred. He has decided to let go of the beef with Blueface.

This was quite surprising for Draco fans, who allegedly took sides in the ongoing battle with Blueface. However, will Blueface be willing to let bygones be bygones?

Sorry to say, it appears Blueface is not willing to forgive Draco. So, this could put a chink in their reconciliation.

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Can Blueface And Soulja Boy Bury The Hatchet

After months of trading insults and subtle jabs, both Soulja Boy took a step back and realized that their rivalry was not benefiting either of them. Instead, Big Draco has allegedly offered to send Blueface money.

These issues with him and Blueface were necessary and pointless. He would rather bury the hatchet and support Blueface. When Blueface heard of Soulja’s request, he allegedly declined the offer.

According to Hip Hop DX, Blueface still looks forward to the fight. As their feud was heating up, Soulja and Blueface wanted to meet up and settle their differences.

This settling up would be an alleged physical fight between the two rappers. Also, Blueface got on the phone and shared this,



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Blueface still wants to continue his alleged feud with Soulja. This may change Soulja Boy’s newfound reconciliation proposal to Blueface.

Especially since Blueface does not believe Soulja is serious. There have been so many negative words spoken between the two rappers.

It may not be possible for them to reconcile on any level. Only time will tell if Blueface will change his mind. What say you?

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