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R Kelly Sues US Over Seized Commissary Funds

R Kelly Sues US Over Seized Commissary Funds

R Kelly Sues US Over Seized Commissary Funds. Embattled singer R Kelly has recently taken legal action against the United States government, claiming that his commissary funds were seized without cause. The controversial musician, currently facing several challenges, has filed a lawsuit alleging that authorities violated his rights in the seizure of funds.

R Kelly takes legal action against US

R Kelly Sues US Over Seized Commissary Funds.

According to Hip Hop DX, the lawsuit, filed by R Kelly’s legal team, asserts that the US government wrongfully seized funds from the singer’s commissary account.

While incarcerated, inmates typically use commissary funds to purchase snacks, toiletries, and other personal items.

Kelly claims that the seizure of these funds violates his rights and that he is seeking restitution for the amount taken.

Although several people won judgments against Kelly, are they entitled to his commissary funds? This has become a massive issue with Kelly’s legal team. Take a look at the court documents.

You will see that Kelly’s legal team is prepared to present their case to a judge. Prosecutor Kayla Bensing, the Assistant United States Attorney, represents the US.

Bensing is fighting to ensure the alleged $28,000 in Kelly’s commissary account goes to his victims.

Heather Williams won a $4 million judgment in 2020. She alleged that she was 16 when R. Kelly allegedly had sex with her in his studio. According to Williams, Kelly allegedly repeatedly had sex with her, knowing she was underage.

A superior court judge agreed, and Williams accessed Kelly’s money. Therefore, as stated by BET, Universal Music Group, Kelly’s label, may have to release more than $500K in royalties.

This is just the latest saga in Kelly’s legal battles. Several women were awarded a $10.5 million judgment over alleged threats Kelly made. He allegedly attempted to cancel the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly.”

But we all know Kelly was unsuccessful in getting the docuseries canceled. As you can see, Kelly’s issues have followed him into prison. At this time, there appears to be no end to his problems.

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