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Nicki Minaj Slammed Garcelle Beauvais

Nicki Minaj Slammed Garcelle Beauvais

Nicki Minaj Slammed Garcelle Beauvais. During Queen’s Radio on Amazon, Nicki addressed her. Jennifer Hough was a guest on The Real.

Did Nicki Go After The Wrong Person?

Nicki Minaj Slammed Garcelle Beauvais. In case you don’t know, Hough allegedly accused Kenneth Petty of rape. And, Minaj blasted Beauvais for speaking with Hough, as reported by Page Six.

However, did Minaj go after the wrong person or not? Especially since Beauvais is not the only host of the Talks show “The Real.” In fact, Adrienne Houghton also asked questions of Hough.

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However, Minaj went for Beauvais juggler and not Houghton.  Beauvais is famous for her modeling career. And, she was a lead actor on “The Jamie Foxx Show.” She became a co-host on “The Real” talk show.

Hough talked about the alleged lawsuit against Petty. Also, Minaj is being sued along with her husband. But was Minaj out of line for attacking Beauvais? She was only asking questions as part of her job.

We talked about the lawsuit in a previous post. Here are some of what Minaj said about Beauvais,

“Did you care about my motherf–king son, bitch? Did you care about my motherf–king son, hoe?”

She said, “I see why that white man left you, bitch.” Wow! Having said this, I can’t imagine how Beauvais, will respond. During her appearance, Hough admitted she was “tired of being afraid.”

In addition, she claims that Minaj and Petty tried to allegedly silence her. She did not go into details. Eventually, Hough did dismiss her case against Minaj. The case against Petty is still pending.

Nonetheless, Minaj may have been presumptuous. What do you all think?

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