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NBA Young Boy Poses With Pills: Is This A Cry For Help?

NBA Young Boy Poses With Pills: Is This A Cry For Help?

NBA Young Boy Poses With Pills: Is This A Cry For Help? Kentrell Gaulden has recently caused quite a stir on social media with a disturbing photo that has raised concerns among fans and mental health advocates alike. In the picture, the young artist can be seen posing with a handful of pills, leading many to question the potential risks of substance abuse and the presence of suicidal ideation in his life. As mental health issues continue to gain attention in the music industry, this incident has once again sparked a conversation about the well-being of artists and the need for support and intervention.

Rapper NBA Young Boy’s Disturbing Photo Raises Concerns

NBA Young Boy Poses With Pills: Is This A Cry For Help?

The recent photo shared by NBA Young Boy has undoubtedly raised eyebrows and sparked concerns about the rapper’s well-being.

According to Complex, this photo allegedly shows YB lying on the floor with a handful of pills. This image, suggests a potential involvement in substance abuse.

However, we can only assume those pills are not prescriptions, especially since the bottle looks like a prescription.

In place of his ongoing legal trouble and bouts of depression, things look worse.

It is clear Young Boy is having some alleged severe issues with his mental, or so it seems.

Nevertheless, this photo of him with a white cup and pills spilled is disturbing. It is not a secret that YB is having difficulty with house arrest.

He claims the isolation has caused him to have anxiety and alleged depression.

It is vital to recognize that this photo may be a cry for help, a desperate attempt to express his inner struggles.

It is not uncommon for people to use drugs or pills to cope with mental issues. However, using drugs to cope with any mental issue can be problematic.

In this case, YB could get into more trouble if he is using drugs. Also, if the pills are prescribed, he should take the recommended dosage.

Either way, it is unsuitable for NBA Young Boy Never Broke Again to be seen like this.

Hopefully, YB will get some drug and alcohol counseling. Otherwise, he may continue to spiral out of control allegedly.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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