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Kanye West Terminates Social Media Influencer YesJulz

Kanye West Terminates Social Media Influencer YesJulz

Kanye West Terminates Social Media Influencer YesJulz. West, a prominent figure in the music industry known for his controversial statements and bold actions, recently made headlines for his decision to cut ties with social media influencer YesJulz. The termination shocked many, as YesJulz had been associated with West and his brand for some time. This move sparked a wave of speculation and discussion within the entertainment world.

Kanye West’s Decision To Cut Ties With YesJulz

Kanye West Terminates Social Media Influencer YesJulz.

The rapper allegedly decided that his association with YesJulz violated an NDA.

NDA is a non-disclosure agreement that many people associated with celebrities sign. This agreement forbids people from revealing any details some celebrities don’t want the public to know.

In other words, an NDA is a way to keep celebrities’ private lives concealed from the public. YesJulz was allegedly terminated from participating in Kanye’s rollout of Vultures 2.

Julieanna Goddard was heavily involved in documenting Kanye’s project. As XXL Mag stated, she was at his Las Vegas listening party, which was live on Instagram.

However, Kanye made the tough decision to distance himself from YesJulz and sever all ties with her. Goddard allegedly violated the NDA by asking his fans to work with her on the ‘Yeezy Universe’ app.

That was allegedly a direct violation of her agreement.

YesJulz Responds To Kanye’s Termination

In response to Kanye West’s termination, YesJulz took to social media to address the situation. She broke her silence on March 13, 2024, by sharing a leaked text message.

According to Hip Hop DX, Julieanna Goddard allegedly showed a text message from Yiannoplous in which he called Kanye’s followers ‘Down Syndrome megafans.”

Yiannoplous also allegedly claimed Kanye’s fans had ‘developmental disorders.’


Clearly, Julianna ‘YesJulz’ Goddard allegedly appears to be supportive of Kanye. Then she allegedly backpedals, and she followed up with ‘Fuck and NDA.’

That is confusing; YesJulz is either dissing Kanye or allegedly blasting him. Which was it?

As the dust settles on this tumultuous chapter, West and YesJulz are left to navigate the fallout and rebuild their reputations in the public eye.

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