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Post Malone Ignores Deposition

Post Malone Ignores Deposition

Post Malone Ignores Deposition. Rapper Post Malone faces legal challenges. He seemingly ignored a deposition involving his ex girlfriend.

Post Malone Ignores Deposition

Post Malone Ignores Deposition. According to reports, rapper Post Malone is in the middle of a legal battle with his former girlfriend, Ashlen Diaz.

The pair are being sued by Martorell Law who Diaz previously worked with. Initially, she hired the firm to represent her request for palimony.

Also known as, non-married couples spousal support following a 2018 breakup. However, Martorell Law accuses both Miss Diaz and Malone of undercutting them by working with another party.

Allegedly, they handled the claim in a private settlement, and cut Martorell out completely. But they were guaranteed a percentage by Diaz. Thus, Martorell seeking a new judgement against the Diaz and Posty.

Per court documents, Martorell seeks a default judgment of nearly $788k against Post Malone for ignoring the degradation—which was delivered to his Utah home.

Well, the firm stated Malone:

“Refused to accommodate the request and instead threatened to bring malicious prosecution charges … six times despite Martorell noting repeatedly that he heard the threat and respectfully requesting he not repeat it.”

Of course, the Rockstar rapper cited his demanding schedule as the reason he missed the paperwork.

“Because of the nature of my work as a touring musician, I spend most of my time on the road traveling for work or performing on tour,” Post said in their filing. “Indeed, in 2022, I only spent an estimated combined total of 2 months in the State of Utah.”

He continued:
“I had no idea I had been sued, and I had no idea I was a party to this action. I did not learn about the existence of this lawsuit until on or around December 19, 2022, upon which my attorneys were swiftly notified.”

As a result, he requested more time to respond. The judge has yet to respond.

Stay tuned for updates!

Post Malone Ignores Deposition

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