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Joe Budden Interviews Isaiah Rashad

Joe Budden Interviews Isaiah Rashad

Joe Budden Interviews Isaiah Rashad. During his interview, he addresses the sex tape. Also, he talks about his gender identity.

Why Did Isaiah Rashad Agree To  Interview?

Joe Budden Interviews Isaiah Rashad. The 31-year-old rapper discussed a lot about his personal life. Rashad’s rap career may have taken quite a hit. Especially since his sex tape was leaked.

It was back in February this year, that an alleged sex tape with Rashad surfaced. For some people, it was quite disturbing. And, some people on social media made hateful homophobic comments.

While others showed their support for him, as reported by Complex. Having said this, Rashad provided some details about his situation. Buddens shared his thoughts with Rashad,

“When all of the chaos broke, and I saw the news and the headlines, my first thing as a journalist was, I’m gonna watch that interview when it happens,” Budden told Rashad. “I wonder who the hell’s gonna have to go with that … And it’s me.”

Of course, Budden asked him probing questions about his sexuality. Personally, I think Rashad gave a roundabout answer. In other words, his answers were not clear and direct, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, here is what he shared,

“I’d say I’m sexually fluid,” Rashad responded. “I’m still learning about it myself. I’m putting my head in the books to find out the basics of it, but basically … I’m more attracted to a personality. I’m more attracted, sometimes, to the intellect.”

Is it me? Did he dodge the question, or is he not sure of his sexual orientation? Although, he did admit his preferences are constantly changing. In addition, he did say, he is in a monogamous relationship.


Isaiah Rashad Is Still Figuring His Sexual Identity

With all that has happened to him these past few months. He is still trying to explain all of this to his 6-year-old. That in itself can be very difficult. Hopefully, Rashad can provide a simple explanation to his child.

Otherwise, if his child hears or sees this on social media, it can be devastating. Unfortunately, some people on social media have no regard for anyone.

Be that as it may, Rashad had the courage to discuss his personal life. Surely, this was not easy to do.

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