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Is YK Osiris Crying Out For Help?

Is YK Osiris Crying Out For Help?

Is YK Osiris Crying Out For Help? Has YK Osiris used up his chances to rap? Or is he suffering from mental illness?

Perhaps, YK Osiris Should Re-Think His Career

Is YK Osiris Crying Out For Help? The rap game is not for the faint of heart. Maybe, YK Osiris is realizing this. Clearly, something has happened. He completely broke down.

It all unfolded when he was driving his car. About 15 hours ago, YK Osiris was crying about his issues on social media. Some of what he said was very alarming. Especially, his talk about suicide and giving up.

So often, signs of suicide ideation are ignored. However, thinking about killing yourself is serious. We have talked about his issue before.

Suppose you know anyone contemplating suicide call ” The Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988. You will be connected to a qualified counselor.

Having said this, YK Osiris mentioned ending friendships with Drake and Lil Baby. But he did not go into details. According to Yahoo News, his words were so sad, yet revealing.

Obviously, he is hurting and he wanted his fans to know. Otherwise, he would have talked about his trouble on Instagram Live. On another note, in a new video on Ice Cream Convos, YK Osiris clarifies,


Now, it may seem he was just venting. In this case, we get it. Sometimes when you are frustrated it happens. Not only that, this could happen to us. I do think he needs counseling support. After all, it can’t hurt him.

Furthermore, YK Osiris doe has a big fan base. Therefore, he should be careful about sharing his personal feelings. Needless to say, everything you are going through is not for IG.

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