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Ghostface Killah Accused of Neglect by Gay Son

Ghostface Killah Accused of Neglect by Gay Son

Ghostface Killah Accused of Neglect by Gay Son. Dennis Cole, one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, son has accused him of neglect. The rapper’s gay son, Sun God, opened up about his struggles with abandonment and neglect, shedding light on the difficulties faced by LGBTQ+ children in traditional families.

Ghostface Killah’s Son Accuses Him of Neglect

Ghostface Killah Accused of Neglect by Gay Son.

Sun God, whose real name is Dennis Coles Jr., took to Instagram to share his story, as stated by Vibe.

He recounted how his father allegedly abandoned him and his mother when he was just six.

He also revealed how he had tried to reach out to his father several times but had been silent.

Cole Jr. allegedly called his father a “deadbeat” dad.

Furthermore, Cole Jr. said

“I hope you change your ways and realize that you have some beautiful and talented children out here.”

Accusations of neglect have raised questions about the duty of parents to care for their children.

That includes their children with different sexual orientations.

Some have also criticized the hip-hop culture for its lack of acceptance of LGBTQ+ people.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

ghostface killer and son

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Rapper’s Gay Son Speaks Out About Abandonment

Cole Jr.’s emotional post was sad, especially since he claims he has repeatedly reached out to his dad.

But had not received any response, as stated by All Hip Hop.

At this time, we are unsure if Cole Jr.’s allegations against his Dad are true.

We do know that, at this time, Cole Sr. has not issued any statement.

Many in the LGBTQ+ have been met with disapproval by one parent or another.

This disapproval tends to cause LGBTQ+ individuals to stay silent about their sexual orientation.

Often not being accepted by family is devastating.

Cole Sr. may be unaccepting of his son’s lifestyle choices.

Nevertheless, we will provide any updates as they arise.

This is not the first time the Wu-Tang Clan has been embroiled in controversy.

However, the accusations of neglect by Ghostface Killah’s son have brought attention to an issue often swept under the rug.

It remains to be seen how the rapper will respond to the accusations and whether he will make amends with his son.

Take note; this is a reminder of the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community face.

Parents must accept and support their children, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The music industry, particularly hip-hop, must also do more to promote acceptance and inclusivity.

Cole Jr.’s bravery in speaking out about his experiences is commended.

And holding his father accountable for his actions is a step in the right direction.

Remember, these allegations have yet to be substantiated by Cole Sr.

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