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Floyd Mayweather Talks About Diddy’s Abuse Allegations

Floyd Mayweather Talks About Diddy’s Abuse Allegations

Floyd Mayweather Talks About Diddy’s Abuse Allegations. Floyd Mayweather, the legendary boxer known for his undefeated record in the ring, recently made headlines as he addressed accusations against music mogul Diddy. By now, most of us know about Sean’Diddy’Combs abuse allegations towards women. Floyd said it is not going over well with some on social media.

Mayweather Addresses Accusations Against Diddy

Floyd Mayweather Talks About Diddy’s Abuse Allegations.

In a recent interview with ‘The Pivot Podcast,’ with host Ryan Clark, Floyd expressed his thoughts about Diddy. It was almost an hour-long interview that covered a lot.

He spoke proudly about his grandson Kentrell Gaulden Jr. Gaulden is the son of rapper NBA Young Boy Never Broke Again. The two-year-old is his daughter YaYa’s son. We have seen Floyd teaching his grandson how to box.

And his father’s remains, NBA Young Boy, appear to be found. During the conversation, Floyd mentioned he speaks with YB every day, as stated by Complex.

While it is refreshing to hear Floyd speak highly of Yb, that was not the issue with his interview. When Floyd shifted the conversation to Diddy’s alleged abuse allegations, things took a turn.

It was almost as if Floyd was defending Diddy. But it is possible Floyd was not able to really articulate his thoughts. That is, in a way it could be understood by all. Mid point in the discussion Ryan gave his perspective on Diddy’s alleged woes.

There appeared to be a difference of opinions between Floyd and Ryan. In other words, Floyd was not going to bash Diddy. On the other hand, Ryan allegedly took another approach.

Truthfully speaking, neither man appeared to be harsh towards Diddy. Rightfully so. After all, we can only speculate whether Diddy actually guilty of what he has been accused of doing.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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