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Dr. Umar Johnson Is Under fire For Controversial Remarks On Kobe’s Wife

Dr. Umar Johnson Is Under fire For Controversial Remarks On Kobe’s Wife

Dr. Umar Johnson is under fire for controversial remarks on Kobe’s wife. Controversial comments by renowned psychologist and educator Dr. Umar Johnson have ignited a wave of outrage and condemnation. Dr. Johnson was criticized for disparaging remarks about Vanessa Bryant, the wife of late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. The controversial statements have triggered a backlash, with many accusing Dr. Johnson of engaging in misogynistic and disrespectful behavior.

Controversial Remarks On Kobe Bryant’s Wife Ignite Backlash

Dr. Umar Johnson Is Under Fire For Controversial Remarks On Kobe’s Wife.

Johnson is facing a backlash following his controversial comments about Vanessa Bryant.

Bryant is the widow of basketball icon Kobe Bryant.

In a recent interview with podcaster Joe Budden, Dr. Johnson went in on Vanessa.

He alleges Vanessa has not returned any of Kobe’s money to the community.

And he alleges she has significantly benefited from Kobe’s fortune, so she should be more philanthropic.

These remarks have sparked outrage among fans and supporters of the Bryant family.

Critics argue that Dr. Johnson’s comments disrespect the memory of Kobe Bryant.

But also contribute to the culture of victim-blaming and misogyny.

Vanessa Bryant has been grieving the loss of her husband and daughter, Gianna.

Both Kobe and his daughter were in a tragic helicopter crash that occurred in January 2020.

Supporters of Mrs. Bryant argue that she deserves empathy, respect, and privacy during this difficult time

rather than being subjected to baseless accusations and character attacks.

Especially as it relates to what charities Vanessa decides to support.

After all, Vanessa does give back to disenfranchised communities through Kobe’s “Mamba Sports Foundation.”

Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation was given $16 million for colleges (University of Connecticut, Southern California, University of Oregon).

According to Atlanta Black Star, Vanessa has not allegedly donated money to Black HBUCs.

However, it should be Vanessa’s decision where to spend her late husband’s money.

Some would say it’s not Dr. Johnson’s job to be concerned about what Vanessa does.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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