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Dojo Cat Claps Back Concerning Her New Look

Dojo Cat Claps Back Concerning Her New Look

Dojo Cat Claps Back Concerning Her New Look. Did Dojo change her appearance for a satanic ritual? Because some believed she did.

Dojo’s New Look Bring Some Skepticism

Dojo Cat Claps Back Concerning Her New Look. Apparently her fans on social media critiqued her new appearance.

Some believe it was due to some kind of initiation. But she defended herself by saying this,

“No, this is not a humiliation ritual, I feel sexy as fuck,” Doja snapped. “I’m cute. I’m a cute bitch. There, I said it. I’m not gonna say it again ’cause it’s cringe. But I think that I look great. I look cool. I like my hair. I think it’s sheik. I like my brows like this. I think it’s cute. I do my makeup crazy, it’s fun. And that’s me expressing myself. You think that’s the Devil? Then you can go back to your fucking little cave.”

Unfortunately, some people buy-in to conspiracy theories. And, Dojo is not exempt from ridicule. Perhaps, Dojo should stay off social media.

Or realize that criticism comes with stardom. Although, it is not fair, it does happen.

Having said this, Dojo continues to express how she really likes her new look.

And, she was quickly pointed out to her fans know, as reported by XXL Mag..

Be that as it may, she make a drastic change. Therefore, some wondered why. Of course, she isn not the first celebrity to shave her head.

Tiffany Haddish, Sanaa Lathan and Jada Pickett Smith shaved their heads. I am sure people had their ideas.

And, it does not help when the media co-signs conspiracy theories.

Not to mention, the hip-hop community has been associated with satanic ritual rhetoric. That is why we continue to hear it.

Be that as it may, it does bring into question drastic changes celebrities make. Is there some truth to the alleged humiliation rituals?

Or are some people paranoid. What do you think?

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