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Dave Chappelle Talks To His Attacker

Dave Chappelle Talks To His Attacker

Dave Chappelle Talks To His Attacker. And, the man admits why he did it. Isaiah Lee was taken down by Chappelle’s security. But before he was hauled away, Chappelle spoke with him.

Was Dave Chappelle’s Attacker Suffering From Mental Illness?

Dave Chappelle Talks To His Attacker. Chappelle told his audience he asked the police to speak with Lee. According to ET Online, Lee told Chappelle he was distraught.

Apparently, Lee’s grandmother was forced to move due to gentrification. For this reason, Lee allegedly attacked Chappelle. Although, later, Lee admitted he was upset by Chappelle’s jokes.

In his own words, Lee also admitted the jokes about the LGBTQ+ community triggered him. Of course, unless he gets a psychological evaluation, we won’t know for sure.

Having said this, Lee was charged with a misdemeanor. In addition, he was charged with battery, and possession of a weapon with the intent to assault. Allegedly, Lee was carrying a folding knife.

However, there is nothing that says he pulled the knife out on Chappelle. Either way, those are some very serious offenses. I was thinking Lee had some sort of mental issue.

In that case, Lee would be ordered to get professional counseling. We can only assume that is why his crimes were considered only misdemeanors.

Also, every state has different criteria for criminal offenses. Be that as it may, Chappelle’s security was able to subdue Lee.

In return, Lee was not able to do any more harm. Another interesting point, Lee shared with the police, “I identify as bisexual and I wanted him to know what he said was triggering.”

Again, obviously, Lee has some mental issues. At least, that is what I think. More importantly, Lee’s attorney has admitted there are some mental issues.

Therefore, he has recommended Lee get help, as reported by News One.

Isaiah Lee Is Facing Attempted Murder Charges

On another note, Lee is facing attempted murder charges in another incident. Clearly, Lee is going to get some sort of jail time. Even if it is not for the attack on Chappelle.

Unfortunately, Lee is accused of allegedly trying to stab a former roommate. As a result, of the publicity surrounding him, his alleged victim identified him.

Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon can now make sure Lee faces the charges of attempted murder. Lee is scheduled to return to the court sometime in June. As always, we will keep you all posted.

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