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Dababy Addresses Allegations Of Scamming YouTuber

Dababy Addresses Allegations Of Scamming YouTuber

Dababy Addresses Allegations Of Scamming YouTuber. In a recent controversy, famous rapper DaBaby has been accused of scamming YouTuber Michael Wright out of $20,000 for a YouTube feature that was never delivered. The allegations have caused a stir among fans and the hip-hop community. DaBaby has since come forward to address these accusations and set the record straight.

DaBaby Responds To Accusations He Scammed  YouTuber Out Of $20K

Dababy Addresses Allegations Of Scamming YouTuber.

Jonathan Kirk took to social media to respond to the accusations of YouTuber Lah Mike.

On an Instagram post, rapper Dababy is seen with Lah Mike. There was some sort of video Dababy allegedly agreed to be in.

However, after allegedly receiving the $20K, Lah Mike claims Dababy left. But DaBaby emphasized that he takes business dealings seriously and never scammed Lah Mike.


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Both Lah Mike and Dababy are telling different stories about what occurred. At this time, Dababy has allegedly refused to give back the $20K.

Even after Lah Mike claims he got at least $10K from his sick grandmother.

Lah Mike claims his grandmother is allegedly dying from cancer. He alleges his grandmother wanted to support his YouTube career.

Clearing The Air: DaBaby Sets The Record Straight

Reports by All Hip Hop broke the story of the alleged incident. Vibe reported that a post shows Lah Mike begging Dababy to return the money.

While on the set, one of Lah Mike’s collaborators allegedly had words with Dababy.

However, we genuinely don’t know why the money transaction went left. But we do know that allegedly Lah Mike is out of $20K.

And, it does not look like he will recover any of it. A word of advice: Lah Mike should always get a legitimate contract.

That way, he could hold Dababy accountable if what Lah Mike is accusing Dababy of is true.

It’s not the first time Dababy has been in the news for something negative. A few years back, Dababy got into trouble with the LGBTQ+ community.

He allegedly made some negative remarks during his concert. Those alleged comments almost caused Dababy to be canceled.

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