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Boosie Defends DJ Vlad over ‘Police’ Claims

Boosie Defends DJ Vlad over ‘Police’ Claims

Boosie Defends DJ Vlad over ‘Police’ Claims. During his interview with Baller Alert, Boosie talked about VladTV. The host Vladimir Lyubovny has been accused of cooperating with the Feds.

Boosie Badazz Comes to DJ Vlad’s Defense

Boosie Defends DJ Vlad over ‘Police’ Claims.

As a frequent guest on DJ Vlad’s channel, Boosie does not believe Vlad is a police informant.

Therefore, he defended him against allegations of working with law enforcement.He also defended his interviews with DJ Vlad, stating that the questions were not set up to incriminate the guests.

Furthermore, Boosie suggests that rappers say nothing to incriminate themselves in interviews.

Especially if they are involved in criminal activity.

Otherwise, they will only alert the police to themselves.

And that is on them, not Vlad.

Check out the video for O’God’s commentary.

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This issue with Vlad all started with speculation he and Rick Ross were in some altercation in 2008.

Which resulted in Vlad being injured. It was allegedly because he spoke about Ross’s previous career as a correctional guard.

From that point on, rumors began to swirl concerning Vlad.

For some reason, Boosie felt led to come to Vlad’s rescue.

He also mentioned that his interviews were not intended to harm anyone.

Also, Vlad TV has allowed many rappers to share their stories and experiences.

Boosie also said that he stands behind DJ Vlad and the channel.

He is genuine with no ill intentions against anyone he interviews on Vlad TV.

Boosie Addresses Allegations Against DJ Vlad

Boosie Badazz addressed the allegations against DJ Vlad.

He is not a police officer and does not work with the police.

In addition, there is no evidence supporting these claims.

Boosie also stated that he does not believe that DJ Vlad would intentionally harm anyone and believes in his character.

Boosie Badazz also mentioned that he has never been asked any incriminating questions during his interviews with DJ Vlad.

He stated that the questions are straightforward and are intended to provide insight into the rapper’s life and experiences.

While many rappers have accused DJ Vlad of working with the police, Boosie’s statement provides a different perspective.

We should take a lesson from Boosie, Boosie’s, by getting all sides of the story before making assumptions.

The controversy surrounding DJ Vlad is not going away any time soon.

So, rapper, beware, don’t discuss anything you don’t want to come back and bite you.

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